dinsdag 19 mei 2015

Painter's Club 'De Kwast', Scotland Trip 2015 - Part 4

In her blog (http://www.lotjemeijknecht.nl/#!blog/c3ec) Lotje described her attempts to paint little houses in water colour: tiny, tiny houses against huge rock formations. My attention went to the wether conditions.

Reconnoitering the surroundings. Look at the red deer!

And now the same surroundings as I did them.

Rain and hail: we glide over the boulders.

Nevertheless, a drawing of Loch Nevis on soaked paper.

A short moment of dryness. Here we go again.

My natural palette.

And how I used it.

Real mountaineering: no tracks, just a GPS.

And here it comes again, the rain.

Gliding on our way down, through the camera.

The same ravine in my interpretation.

Back at the base, the end of a long day....

enjoying the fruits.

maandag 11 mei 2015

Paintersclub 'de Kwast' Scotlandtrip

Part 2

Last two weeks I've had the pleasure of staying in Scotland, as part of our art (creating) club 'De Kwast' containing Lotje Meijknecht and me. She wrote the first blog, see 'part 1', it is interesting to look at it first:  http://www.lotjemeijknecht.nl/#!blog/c3ecOur idea is to make more blogs this week. 

The landscape of Kylesmorar is overwhelming, so overwhelming that I did not know where to start. I looked at the light on the hills. It changed every time I looked up. Really frustrating. In the left two drawings I tried to catch the early morning light. One gets no more than a few seconds to draw and the light had already changed. I used watercolor. 

Later in the day I tried acryl. Here you see some reflections on a little pond in front of the house. 
Later in the afternoon the sunlight is changing the rocks every minute, as if it had become a different hill
We were in Scotland and of course, it rained frequently. Most of the time we had to work behind the windows.
Next blog, number three, will be Lotje's again: http://www.lotjemeijknecht.nl/#!blog/c3ec